How to Fix Swim Bladder Disease in Goldfish ?

The answer to the question Look for common symptoms of swim bladder disorder. Swim bladder disorder occurs when a fish’s swim bladder, which normally inflates and helps the fish stay properly afloat, becomes compromised. No matter what’s causing the problem, the symptoms are usually the same. When you see your fish belly-up, don’t assume it’s dead; if it’s… Читать дальше »

How to Fix the Alignment on a Car ?

The answer to the question Check your tire pressure. Your tires should be appropriately and evenly inflated before you proceed. Tires that are not properly inflated may actually be the cause of your performance issues, so it’s a good idea to check this first. You may not need to do anything else. Additionally, having your tires inflated properly… Читать дальше »

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How to Fix StarCraft Problems in Vista ?

The answer to the question Go to the starcraft folder(usually in «program files(x64)» unless you changed it during the installation). Find Starcraft.exe. Right click on it and click properties. Go to «Compatibility» tab. Check «Disable desktop composition». 32-bit: 64-bit: Right click on your desktop and choose «Personalize». Choose Windows Color and Appearance. Select Windows Vista Basic.… Читать дальше »

How to Fix Sticky Drawers ?

The answer to the question Make sure that the drawer is sticking due to humidity. This article is aimed at those occasions when humidity is causing the drawer to swell and stick. Obviously, if the culprit of the sticking is a loose screw or splinter, this won’t help and you’ll need carpentry repairs instead. If it turns out… Читать дальше »

How to Fix Slow Computers ?

The answer to the question Run virus and malware scans. Viruses and other malware are one of the primary causes of slow performance. Adware can bog down your computer and tie up your network connection, and viruses can make your CPU and hard disk use skyrocket. Removing any malicious programs should be your top priority, and you should… Читать дальше »

How to Fix Tangled Hair ?

The answer to the question Put loads of moisturizing conditioner in your hair while in the shower, because wet hair takes less damage than dry. Rub the conditioner in. Detangle the hair by using a wide-toothed comb. Gently comb through from ends to roots until all of the tangles are loose. Shampoo. Condition just the ends of your… Читать дальше »

How to Fix Stuck Bicycle Brakes ?

The answer to the question Make sure that the brake pads aren’t worn down. Pads that are worn down significantly will stick no matter how much you adjust them. If your brake pads are less than 1/4-inch wide, then you need to replace them. They should be «toed-in,» meaning that front edge of the pads should touch the… Читать дальше »

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How to Fix Squeaky Shoes ?

The answer to the question Locate the problem. Walk back and forth with your shoes, then rock your feet forward and back, then left to right. When you find the motion that causes the squeak, look for the parts of the shoe that bend during that motion. If possible, have a friend crouch near the floor and listen… Читать дальше »